1953 Opera Shawl

1953 Opera Shawl

This is a vintage pattern from 1953. I’m doing a Kal/Cal in the All Things Vintage Ravelry group.

I’ve swatched several yarns and was pretty unhappy with most of them. I tried dk, fingering, lace, thread, and some light mohair. I’m also trying to stick with stash yarn. I need two colors that work together unless I decide to do a one color shawl. I found that the pattern would work with any of the yarns, but the trick was to make something I would really wear.

I’ve finally decided on a light lace weight alpaca silk blend. It will take me forever to crochet this shawl because this is such a thin yarn, but I think it will be lovely when I’m finished. I’m planning on adding beads somewhere, and I’m not sure about the fringe. I’ll make that decision later.

This crochet/knit-along started May 1 and runs through July. That should give me plenty of time. I hope.


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